Hourly Skills Clinic


Build your own camp with our prorated option.  Get all you need quickly, efficiently, and a la carte from chants, cheers, dances, pep rally / halftime, to technique and conditioning / skill work.  See our registration page for details on our "SKILLS CLINICS."  We'll set you up with all you need.

What to expect

  • A full workshop to focus on a specific set of skills (stunts and technique, jumps, tumbling, etc) or original choreography for team performances (dances, pep rally material, camp evaluations, half time, etc)
  • A personalized touch with all the benefits of choreography camp
  • A option for a "Mini Camp" (Team Camp at an Hourly Rate)
  • Original curriculum and choreography
  • Excellent skilled staff in choreography, stunting, and safety tailored to your specific clinic needs
  • Our hourly prorate option
  • Camp t-shirts will be included upon request at an additional $12 per person (ASK US!)

Camp Information

Event Date Dates on Application
Price From $15 p/h