Why choose IN A SNAP?

Why Camp with us? Making the most out of Private Cheerleading Camp

Is this your first time considering something different? Do you worry about camp feeling too much like practice and you want to make sure that your camp experience stands out? Private camps are just as valuable, if not more, than a large mass produced camp in terms of squad bonding and individualized attention. Just like any other camp, the amount of improvement and enjoyment you will get out of the experience will depend on how much time and energy you put into those three days. A great attitude and some creativity in combination with our tailored instruction can make your private camp really memorable!

Before Camp...

After you decide on a camp date, think about what you want your team to get out of camp. Then ask your cheerleaders what they want to get out of camp. This can be anything from improving flexibility, learning the rules of football and basketball, or achieving new skills. Once you have identified your goals for camp, start getting in physical shape for camp with the suggested regimen and possibly planning some fun bonding activities (more on this later)!

whyChoose Page 1 Image 0002When you set up your camp, be sure to request instructors who are strong in teaching the areas that you'd like to focus on no matter how outside the box. Take this opportunity to be specific about your goals so that we can tailor your camp schedule to concentrate on those areas.

Plan to have the kids wear the same outfits, whether they are printed locally, or the team makes them on their own. This will give a sense of pride and make pictures and videos more fluid and gentle to the eye. Try to fundraise for camp or take advantage of our specials through referrals so that everyone can afford to go. The team will get so much more out of it if everyone can attend!

During Camp...

Throughout the week, make sure the team's focus is development of their relationships as well as their skills. Attitude is everything! 3 days is NOT long. Remind your team of that. Creating a camp atmosphere is more about your psyche than your location.

We have photos taken and video tape your team’s performances at the end of camp. We also have our instructors do detailed videos of dances, cheers, chants and stunting instruction. If your squad forgets any of the material (during the camp or over the year), or there is an argument down the line about what a certain move is supposed to look like, you have something to reference. You will have full access to these features on your personalized team page via our website. This feature gives you the ultimate privacy as it is password protected and only accessible by whom you entitle to see it. The material learned at camp is “your material.” No rival school will have it nor will they see what you’re working on through mass websites such as YouTube.

whyChoose Page 2 Image 0001Additionally, we add a personal touch with our relationship with you as Coaches. We spend quality time with each of you throughout the camp to ensure you know the ins and outs of all curriculum, especially stunts. We teach the importance of safety, spotting, and progression to help you have a safe season and to ensure that we have given you as much education as possible about the current trends in the world of cheerleading and how to safely apply them to your team. Our goal is to have you confident to master our material and attempt to learn new skills after our workshop is complete. We want you to feel free to contact us over the course of your season with any questions you may have regarding stunting, developmental activities, behavior, or any other questionable areas you may need a little help in. We care about your personal development as the anchor of the squad and want to assist you in any way to make each season more and more successful.

Instructors generally give awards at the conclusion of camp, but you can still give out other prizes to recognize your team. Give out fun awards on the last day as well as serious ones like "most improved," "dancing queen," or "entertainer of the week." If someone does something that stands out, award them for it. On the last day, we complete the camp with a parent show. Invite parents and friends to come and watch the squad perform what you've worked on that week. Their parents will be happy to see their money paid off and the squad will love to show off what they’ve learned.

whyChoose Page 2 Image 0002Here are some other fun things to do during your private camp to make the most of the experience be it at home or away:

  • Plan your first pep rally, public appearance, or parade. We put the routine together for you!
  • Have a pot-luck lunch.
  • Designate one day as "fun day" and have squads work together to plan a theme or dress up style.
  • Practice setting up and running out on the football field and basketball court to be extra polished on game day.
  • Popsicles, silly string, water guns, and water balloons are a fun way to take a break and cool the squad off during an exhausting day.
  • Do something fun to welcome new members.

After the Learning...

Planning fun nightly activities (be it at home or at a resort camp) can provide your team with the bonding normally associated with a large camp. The best part about camp is that it gives the cheerleaders the opportunity to work and play intensively for a short period. You can easily recreate this bonding experience at home or at your hotel with a little creative preparation. Have your captains, seniors, or moms plan some fun activities for the team to do together at night. Whatever you choose to do, invite your instructors. It will be a great time for you to pick their brains and for the kids to get to know them better.

whyChoose Page 3 Image 0001Here are some suggestions for fun nightly activities for your private camp:

  • Have a cookout at a team member's home.
  • Have a pizza party at a local pizza parlor.
  • Have a bowling party with team members and parents. Award prizes for highest and lowest scores, craziest bowler, etc.
  • Have a pool party with a luau theme. Team members can wear grass skirts and have a championship limbo contest!
  • Have a slumber party.
  • Take a team trip to the movies
  • Have a skit night. Ask your parents or coaches to join you!
  • Assign big sister / little sisters on your squad by pairing up veterans with new members. Give them an activity to do together, like a scavenger hunt, treasure hunt, or make them do an amazing race around their town.

Try to keep in touch with our staff throughout the year. We often visit a game or competition when invited. You can easily find us through our website by going to the “Staff” page and by being a frequent visitor to our Facebook Fan Page. We are always happy to hear how you are doing and are more than willing to help you throughout the season!