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Thank you for your interest in working with us. The following information & guidelines should be read and understood prior to booking for tryouts, camp, clinics, or choreography. Please note, these guidelines help us give you the type of camp or clinic that will effectively meet your expectations. We pride ourselves on being something to everyone. If you have any further questions or are ready to book please e-mail us at .

Camp Weekend

What you get in 2020-2021

  • DISCOUNTS...for all early registration and referrals (see below)
  • We Now Do Cheer Off Choreography and Mini Clinics! Email us Today to Inquire!
  • Please Note our Pro-Rated Options For Our "SKILLS CLINICS"


Option 1
Customized Tryout Clinic complete with instruction, music, and judges

Option 2
Customized Tryout Clinic with instruction and music

Option 3
Well trained and diverse judges with collegiate and all star level 4 and 5 experience

Please contact us via email for pricing on Tryout Clinics, Curriculum, and Judging as prices vary due to size and length of sessions. Any referrals will allow for discounted pricing.

Cheer Camp Information


A detailed registration form with questionaire to ensure you receive the camp you want

A full 2 or 3 day clinic of detailed original competition choreography to include:

  • Opening
  • Motions
  • Partner Stunts
  • Jumps
  • Cheer
  • Pyramid
  • Tosses / Secondary Stunts
  • Standing and Running Tumbling
  • Dance
  • An opportunity to address your teams specific needs and showcase their strong points within their routine
  • All stunt technique (partner, secondary / tosses, and pyramids) will be instructed during the clinic
  • Each section of the routine will be filmed and posted online to your personalized, password protected team page for future reference
  • Access to choreographer scheduled to discuss routine before and after camp
  • Camp t-shirts will be included upon request at an additional $12 per person (ASK US!)
  • An opportunity to earn a discounted camp fee with a referral or early registration (ASK US!)

Want to inquire about more? Schedule a conference call with us and we'll discuss how we will plan your personalized and attention intensive camp! Please note a prorated (by the hour) option is only available with our "SKILLS CLINICS" options include "Mini Camp", general choreography, and technique among other customization.


  • Free camp t-shirts
  • Access to personal team pages for each school (performance videos, camp photos, and instructional videos for material review)
  • The option for a home camp or an exciting destination camp at Myrtle Beach, Destin, Hilton Head, or Lake Lanier Islands
  • A personalized touch. We do more than standard curriculum. We work with coaches to assess the needs of your particular team to make the most out of your camp experience
  • A detailed questionnaire via our Registration Form for you to discuss your needs with your squad and ensure the type of camp you want
  • The opportunity to have a stunt and tumbling coach at your camp upon request (more details below)
  • A chance to show off what you've learned with a final performance
  • The opportunity to truly bond with your team and instructors
  • The convenience to have your team's group and individual photos taken during camp (ASK US!)
  • Stunting and Safety instruction for all coaches
  • An opportunity to earn a discounted camp fee with referral or early registration! (ASK US!)

Please note that a prorated (by the hour) option is only available with our "SKILLS CLINICS" options include a "Mini Camp," general choreography, and technique among other customization.

SKILLS CLINICS (our prorated option)

  • A full workshop to focus on a specific set of skills (stunts and technique, jumps, tumbling, etc) or original choreography for team performances (dances, pep rally material, camp evaluations, half time, etc)
  • A personalized touch with all the benefits of choreography camp
  • A option for a "Mini Camp" (Team Camp at an Hourly Rate)
  • Original curriculum and choreography
    Excellent skilled staff in choreography, stunting, and safety tailored to your specific clinic needs
  • Our hourly prorate option
  • Camp t-shirts will be included upon request at an additional $12 per person (ASK US!)
Cheer Camp Information

Pricing listed below, please note travel requirements if applicable


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Camps and Clinics should be scheduled at least a month in advance. Peak times are the end of May through the end of July. It is important to book early!


1/3 of the total cost is due immediately after the date is agreed upon. This should be made payable to "IN A SNAP!" This is nonrefundable. REGISTRATION FORM MUST BE MAILED WITH DEPOSIT! WAIVER FORMS ARE DUE AT THE START AT CAMP. THEY MUST BE FILLED OUT IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE!

Our Services and Prices

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3 days or more:

  • $50 off the registration fee (per person) if you register by March 15th

1-2 Days:

  • $25 off the registration fee (per person) if you register by March 15th

We will also offer an additional discount (no expiration) for any REFERRALS of full school and competition squads!

$25 off for camps up to 50 participants and $50 off for camps with over 50 Participants!



Prorated amounts are available for "SKILLS CLINICS" only

Travel allowance must be included and agreed upon prior to booking for all choreography camps and some team camps and clinics (Dependent upon camp location)

Skills Clinic --- $75 per person for each day of the clinic (or $15 per person per hour)
2 Day Choreography Clinic ---$120.00 per person
3 Day Choreography Clinic --- $175.00 per person
3 Day Team Curriculum Camp --- $200.00 per person


4 Day Team Curriculum Camp --- $250.00 per person or try our Skills Clinics --- $75.00 per person for each day of the clinic
(Additional Details of What each camp includes is listed on the registration form)


All Clinics will have a detailed skills workshop
1 day $40 per person
3 day camp $120 per person
5 day camp $200 per person
Cheer Off Choreography - $30 per person and $50 for music (if applicable)
We also supply judges and volunteers for Interleague Competitions
(Please call for more details and to reserve your dates)

For Details Concerning Resort Camps for 2020-2021, please click "RESORT CAMPS" at the top of our menu bar


  • Skills
    Teams should be prepared with the basic fundamentals and highest level of their abilities prior to their workshop. Several skill practices are suggested prior to the session.
  • Cheerleaders
    Cheerleaders should have practiced with their stunt groups. Drills in jumping, motions, dance, and tumbling are also important. The camp's success is influenced by these factors.
  • Nutrition
    What a team eats during a session is integral to obtaining a great camp. Teams should stay away from candy, soft drinks, and "energy drinks". A nice healthy dinner the night before is a great way to store carbs for a hard day's work. Water is the best form of hydration.
  • Attitude
    How a team approaches any workshop on greatly influences the outcome of the routine. A team will get a much more out of a workshop if they are positive, fun, and willing to experiment.
  • Camp Conditions
    The outcome of a workshop is greatly influenced upon the team and instructor's ability to focus. Room temperature, Noise levels, Parents/Other Teams Practicing = Distractions. Dance Floor or Mat conditions will also affect the outcome.


Notice of cancellation must be written and mailed or faxed in 2 weeks (10 business days) PRIOR to camp. No refunds will be given to a participant that becomes sick, injured, or otherwise must leave or not participate in camp. A $50 fee will be charged / retained per participant for cancellations more than 30 days prior to the start of camp regardless of the reason. A $100 fee will be charge / retained per participant for cancellations 30 days prior to camp regardless of the reason. Cancellations less than 2 weeks (10 business days) prior to camp receive no refund and school / recreational programs are responsible for full amount due as invoiced. Notice of Cancellation received once camp is in session does not ensure a refund. Please allow 6-8 weeks prior to camp for all refunds. PLEASE NOTE YOU CANNOT CANCEL A RESORT CAMP!